Marcin Polak


Educator, educational journalist, coordinator of dozens of educational projects. The creator and editor-in-chief of – a portal of modern education. Founded in 2008, the site is one of the most important educational debate portals in Poland, highlighting key trends in contemporary education,  education upgrading, digital literacy and media teachers and students. promotes a modern approach to teaching, where there is a place for conscious and wise use of information and communication technologies in the learning process. He is also a member of the Polish teacher and educator community of Superbids of the Republic of Poland, as well as the originator and organizer of a series of large national and regional educational events under the banner of INSPIR @ CJE, held several times a year. It initiates cooperation programs in the field of education, creates interactive educational programs and educational projects for schools. He is an author, co-author and publisher of e-publications on modern education in the Think Series. and teaching guides for teachers. For many years he has been dealing with the economic and financial education of the society – in the past he directed the educational activity of the NBP. It is also the leader of the European Commission portal, which aims to educate consumers of secondary school pupils.