Paul Collard


Paul Collard is Chief Executive of Creativity, Culture and Education (CCE) an international foundation dedicated to unlocking the creativity of young people in and out of formal education.  CCE was established to design and manage the delivery of the Creative Partnerships (CP) programme in England from 2002-11. The success and impact of the programme attracted considerable international attention and CCE now supports the delivery of programmes modelled on CP across a wide range of European countries including Norway, Lithuania, Holland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Hungary.   It has worked closely with the EU Commission on a range of issues and has been commissioned by the German Foundation Mercator, to develop a training module on diversity for teachers and artists working in formal education.  Beyond Europe, CCE is in the 3rd year of a CP programme in Pakistan, which now has 95 schools enrolled and has just launched a CP programme in Chile. Within the United Kingdom, CCE is advising the Arts Council of Wales and the Welsh Government on its £20 million Creative Learning through the Arts Plan and in Scotland, it is piloting its Art of Learning programme.